bree kind to all animals

Bree Kind to All Animals

How Can You Bree Kind to All Animals?

Click on the suns and learn how to Bree Kind to All Animals.

Treat all animals with kindness and respect. Understand all animals want to be loved and to feel safe - just like you and me!

Adopt or foster an animal from a shelter. Suggestion: Choose an older animal. Choose a black cat or dog because they are adopted the least.

Spay and Neuter your animal companion. Get a collar with an ID tag in case your animal companion gets lost.

Say "no" to clothing or products made with real fur or feathers.

Donate blankets and toys to an animal shelter or sanctuary.

Use products that are cruelty free and not tested on animals.

Feed the birds wild bird seed in the winter and give them fresh, clean water in the summer.

Put pictures or decals on windows to keep birds safe. NOTE: Birds can't see glass. They can fly into clear glass windows and doors and get hurt.

Sponsor an animal at a shelter or sanctuary.

Visit or volunteer at an animal sanctuary.

Plant a pollinator garden for bees and butterflies.

Use your voice to speak up for animals.

Love ALL animals. Go Vegan!

Love ALL animals. Go Vegan!

Being Vegan means you don’t eat, drink or wear anything made from animals. Click on the pictures to learn more!

Eat Vegan Food.

Wear Vegan Clothes, Shoes and Accessories.

Use Vegan Products on Your Body.

Just like dogs and cats, chickens, cows, pigs, turkeys, sheep, goats, ducks, horses and fish can feel happy, sad, scared, pain, comfort and joy. They seek companionship and LOVE.
By Breeing Kind to ALL animals, you are helping to create a kinder and gentler world.

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