bree kind to others

Bree Kind to Others

How Can You Bree Kind to Others?

Click on the suns and learn how to Bree Kind to Others

Say, "Thank You" to family, friends and teachers (Bree Grateful).

Hold the door open for someone.

Smile at someone to brighten his or her day!

Listen with an open heart and mind.

Give someone a hug.

Draw a picture and give it to someone you love.

Help someone in need. Example: Donate food, toys or clothing to a shelter.

Surprise someone with a phone call just to say "hello!"

Apologize to someone if you’ve unintentionally (or intentionally) hurt them.

Make peace with someone that has hurt you - Bree Forgiving.

Respect and help your elders.

Invite someone new into your circle of friends.



Equality means treating people fairly and the same, regardless of what they look like, their age or gender, or where they come from.

Speak up for justice for all people.

Honor the land and indigenous people.

Learn about different cultures and traditions. Honor and respect all people.

  • Say “I love you” to your family and friends.
  • Give a compliment to someone.
  • Pause before you speak.
  • Choose words that are positive and kind.
  • Bring someone a meal.
  • Ask someone “How can I support you today?”
  • Send someone a card (birthday, thinking of you, thank you, etc).

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